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    Teaeve – a little time off

    The TEAEVE provides a feeling of cosiness and well-being. Whether at home on the couch or in the office.
    Perfect gift for yourself or your dearest friends.

    The matching TEAEVE-TO-GO drinking lid is available for enjoying your TEAEVE on the go.
    Teetasse TEAEVE LUNA in weiß von Eigenart
    The double-walled tea mug that keeps the heat in the cup is a lovely treat to hold in your hand.
    The special design always catches the eye. So you always have your TEAEVE in sight, even in the office.

    Special mug -
    special treat

    The combination of large strainer and cup size and designs for every taste provide the optimal pleasure of use. The large stainless steel strainer allows the tea aroma to develop freely.
    Simply a lot of tea enjoyment in one cup and beauty for the eye.

    The pearlescent finish on the double-walled porcelain mug shimmers in a variety of shades on the relief.
    Filigree golden lines on a matt lacquer and decorative metal base, create a noble material composition and make the double-walled porcelain mugs so exclusive.
    Real gold highlights on wonderful dragon relief with raise effect invite you to explore the detailed double-walled porcelain mug.

    FAQ - Do you still have questions about TEAEVE?

    + - What is the TEAEVE cup lid good for?

    Due to the double-walled cup, the hot drink cools down more slowly. If, in addition, the mug is closed with the lid, this effect is further enhanced. If the supplied strainer was used to brew the tea, the TEAEVE lid can be placed on the table with the curved, printed side and the strainer placed on top.

    + - Why doesn't the TEAEVE have a handle? Won't I burn my fingers without a handle?

    The TEAEVE is a double-walled porcelain mug. The air in the cavity between the two walls prevents the heat of the hot drink from being transferred to the outer wall of the cup, i.e. even if the drink in the cup is hot, the outside of the TEAEVE remains so cool that nothing stands in the way of your drinking pleasure. For those who still sometimes find the TEAEVE too hot, here's a tip: the lower you hold it, the less hot the porcelain is!

    + - What should I do with the strainer in my TEAEVE?

    The TEAEVE is designed for the best tea enjoyment - for all those who want to brew and enjoy their tea directly in the TEAEVE. The strainer is perfectly adapted to the amount of water.

    Not a tea lover? No problem! You can also put fruit in the strainer for infused water, for example, and then remove it later. The strainer also fits into almost any cup or tea glass.

    + - When I take the TEAVE out of the dishwasher, I have the feeling that it is no longer completely leak-proof, as liquid escapes from the cup... What is the reason for this?

    Basically, we recommend washing the TEAVE by hand. Depending on the type of cleaning, it may happen that liquid enters the space between the inner and outer walls of the TEAEVE cup through the stopper on the underside. In this case, it helps to remove the stopper, let the liquid drip off and - after everything has dried thoroughly - replace the stopper.

    + - Is the TEAEVE microwave and/or dishwasher safe?

    No, the TEAEVE is not suitable for the microwave. We also recommend that you wash the TEAEVE by hand, as the rubber stopper on the underside of the mug makes it much easier for rinsing liquid to enter the cavity between the inside and outside walls of the mug when it is washed in a dishwasher. The decorations, some of which have a gold/silver sheen, can also be damaged by the dishwasher liquid.

    + - I have seen that there is a To-Go lid to fit the TEAEVE - what do I need to bear in mind when using it?

    It is important to know that the TEAEVE-To-Go lid is a pure drinking lid, i.e. the lid is not leak-proof! Please also always remember to open the sliding closure of the lid before putting the lid on the cup, otherwise it will not hold on the cup due to the vacuum that may form. After the lid has been fastened well on the cup, the slide can be closed without any problems and nothing stands in the way of drinking pleasure.