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    LEEZA - The bottle
    at your side

    The thermal drinking bottle for to go. Whether for cold drinks during sports or for warm drinks during outdoor activities. The exclusive designs with relief structure make the LEEZA bottles a haptic experience and an absolute eye-catcher.

    Tea for your yoga session? No problem - with the laser-perforated strainer you can prepare your tea directly in the LEEZA and take it with you.
    Even when hiking or doing sports - thanks to the sturdy carrying handle, the LEEZA is always at your side.
    Only one hand free? With the practical sports closure, you can easily open and close the LEEZA with one hand.

    LEEZA - is always there for you

    LEEZA is the reliable partner in all situations. Whether hot or cold drinks: in the thermo drinking pot perfect for on the go.

    LEEZA - The bottle at your side

    Much more than a thermo bottle: LEEZA is as versatile as your life.

    Tea, coffee, infused water, smoothies, protein shakes - everything is possible with LEEZA.

    FAQ - Do you still have questions about Leeza?

    + - I would like to take the LEEZA with me on bike tours. Does the diameter of the thermo bottle fit into a bicycle bottle holder?

    Yes, the thermo bottle is also designed for outdoor use and is therefore the ideal companion for sports activities. The diameter of the bottle therefore fits in commercially available bicycle bottle holders as well as in the bottle holders of cars.

    + - Why does the LEEZA have a push button instead of a screw cap?

    The LEEZA was specially developed so that it can also be opened with one hand. So you don't have to do without your drink even during (sporting) activities where you only have one hand free.

    + - Does the LEEZA also keep "tight", i.e. is there leakage protection?

    Yes, the LEEZA bottle does not leak. It is important to make sure that the closing mechanism of the lid really clicks when closing it. When the bottle is closed correctly, a clear "click" sound can be heard. To be absolutely sure that the bottle is closed and nothing can leak out, you can simply turn the bottle over briefly (lid down) to check that no liquid is leaking out. If liquid does leak out, the seal in the upper part of the lid should be checked. It may have been displaced when the bottle was cleaned, so that it is no longer firmly seated in the lid. Once the fit is corrected, the problem should then be solved.

    + - What is the use of the sieve supplied?

    The strainer allows tea or coffee to be brewed in the LEEZA. The tea can be filled directly into the strainer and thus brewed without an additional vessel. After brewing, the strainer can be easily removed from the bottle thanks to the integrated handle. In addition, the strainer is also helpful if you want to prepare a drink with fruit, for example (e.g. infused water). The finely chopped fruit can be placed directly into the bottle, which can then be filled with the liquid. When the strainer is then inserted, the fruit can remain in the bottle without blocking the mouthpiece when drinking.

    + - How long does the LEEZA keep my drink warm?

    When a boiling liquid is filled into the thermos bottle, you can still enjoy your hot drink even after many hours. But beware: the bottle is so well insulated that you should always be careful not to scald yourself while drinking. So it is always better to test it carefully and, if in doubt, leave the bottle open for a moment before closing it until a comfortable drinking temperature is reached.

    + - Why does LEEZA have a handle?

    No matter where and how you are on the road - the handle allows for easy transport so that your favourite drink is always quickly at hand.