• Each one is hand-painted, decorated and embellished.

    Eigenart Teafan

  • Floats on the tea water.

    Eigenart Teafan

Who would have thought that the good old tea infuser could be dressed up so nicely? TEAFAN is the answer. Whether as a classic mini-geisha or a modern manga doll, hidden talents slumber in all characters. Under the beautiful, handmade ceramic cover of the doll's headyou will find a stainless steel strainer with a punched hole for easy tea preparation in a glass or cup. The head is removed, the connected strainer filled with tea leaves and placed in the tea cup or tea glass where it releases its aroma until you can conveniently remove the head by the chignon without scalding or soiling yourself. The body and the strainer are easy to clean and can be placed decoratively. TEAFAN delights everyone - also as a perfect gift idea.

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Teafan Maiko
Modern, practical and clean: for your favorite tea. Stainless steel and ceramic combined into a special tea infuser. The floating eye-catcher in the tea cup or on the shelf. How do I make my tea with the TEAFAN? Quite simple: If you take out the Teafan head, you discover the stainless steel strainer connected to the head. The sieve, which ensures the optimal development of the tea aroma due to its elaborate hole punching, can be filled individually with tea leaves. It is closed again with the head and put into the tea cup with water. During the tea infusion time, the head tea strainer connection floats in the liquid and can then be easily removed again at the chignon/hair knot of the head and placed back into the Teafan body.

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