Japan 100g 3er Set

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Product information "Japan 100g 3er Set"

Our tinplate cans in various decors provide optimal protection for your food. The high-quality lids guarantee perfect closure and protect the contents from negative influences such as sun, air, moisture or similar.

Convenient opening and closing make you a practical helper in the household.

Le monde est beau. Pas toujours et pas partout. Mais nous essayons chaque jour, à notre manière, de le rendre un peu meilleur, plus gai, plus harmonieux, plus sain et plus agréable à vivre. Avec notre passion pour les formes esthétiques, les couleurs attrayantes, les designs inédits et les matériaux de qualité. Avec notre amour du détail, des idées et des produits innovants. Et enfin, avec notre engagement clair en faveur de la durabilité, notre engagement et notre action sur le terrain pour une protection visible de la nature et de l'environnement.

C'est ce qui nous motive. Nos collaborateurs, partenaires, fournisseurs et clients. Nous tous ensemble. Rejoignez-nous et devenez une partie active de notre monde unique.

Bienvenue dans le monde d'EIGENART.

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- electrolytically galvanized tinplate
- protective lacquer 


Teafan Maiko
Modern, practical and clean: for your favorite tea. Stainless steel and ceramic combined into a special tea infuser. The floating eye-catcher in the tea cup or on the shelf. How do I make my tea with the TEAFAN? Quite simple: If you take out the Teafan head, you discover the stainless steel strainer connected to the head. The sieve, which ensures the optimal development of the tea aroma due to its elaborate hole punching, can be filled individually with tea leaves. It is closed again with the head and put into the tea cup with water. During the tea infusion time, the head tea strainer connection floats in the liquid and can then be easily removed again at the chignon/hair knot of the head and placed back into the Teafan body.

Leeza Padma
The double-walled stainless steel thermo drinking bottle keeps your hot drinks warm for many hours – cold drinks stay refreshing for a long time in summer. Exclusive designs with relief structure make the LEEZA bottles a haptic experience and an absolute eye-catcher. LEEZA is the perfect companion throughout the day: for hiking, cycling, indoor sports, yoga, work, university, camping or school. The practical handle is perfect for transport and the foldable lid (sports closure) can be easily opened and closed with one hand. Thanks to the ultra-fine laser-perforated 2-piece strainer, you can prepare both tea and coffee directly in the LEEZA. For your infused water creations, all the flavour-bearing parts remain in the bottle. The closure is leak-proof, but for safety’s sake we recommend transporting it upright. LEEZA is not suitable for the microwave / dishwasher. Included in delivery: Double-walled stainless steel thermo drinking bottle Drinking lid (leak-proof) without BPA in the inlay 2-piece laser-perforated strainer